School Bus Driver of the Year Award

The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation is pleased to announce our annual School Bus Driver of the Year Award.  This award recognizes school bus drivers on Prince Edward Island for his/her service in keeping our students safe as they travel to and from school each day.

Our school bus drivers are professionally trained individuals who capably transport our children in a safe manner. They are the first school employees who come in contact with our children each school day, and the last at the end of the day. Drivers are expected to teach students school bus safety rules and procedures. Bus drivers manage student behaviour on the bus and care for the physical and emotional well-being of each young person each and every school day.  School bus drivers play a vital role in our education system, and the P.E.I. Home and School Federation is pleased to recognize an outstanding individual for his/her service and dedication to the safety of Island children.

Parents, through their Home and School Associations, are invited to submit nominations for the School Bus Driver of the Year Award.  Please attach a paragraph describing why you are nominating this person.  Include supporting recommendation letters from other parents, your principal, teachers and/or students in your school.

Click here for School Bus Driver of the Year Nomination information.

Deadline for nominations: May 11, 2018

Please complete the form, include support letters from parents, teachers, students and send it to us.
If you have further questions please contact us for more information.



Douglas Morrow, Souris Regional School
Awarded:  June 9, 2017

Mary O’Donnell, Vernon River Consolidated School
Awarded:  June 27, 2017


Bruce MacKay, Gulf Shore Consolidated School
Awarded:  June 7, 2016

Ronnie Drummond, Somerset Elementary School
Awarded: June 9, 2016


Danny Murnaghan, Spring Park Elementary School
Awarded:  June 17, 2015

Steven Waugh, Queen Elizabeth Elementary School
June 19, 2015


Johnny Deagle, Souris Consolidated School
Awarded: May 30, 2014

Shelton Dyment, Alberton Elementary School
Awarded: June 12, 2014


Marlene Beaton, Glen Stewart Primary School
Awarded: June 5, 2013

Heber Ross, Cardigan Consolidated School
Awarded: June 25, 2013


Ian Nantes, Kinkora Regional High School
Awarded: June 19, 2012

Ann MacNevin, Sherwood Elementary School
Awarded: June 20, 2012


Floyd Jenkins, Montague Regional High School
Awarded: June 10, 2011

Charles Wood, Amherst Cove Consolidated School
Awarded: June 17, 2011


Dianne MacKinnon, Southern Kings Consolidated School
Awarded: June 18, 2010

Mike Hicken, Athena Consolidated School
Awarded: June 18, 2010


Victor Martin, Kinkora Regional High School
Awarded: June 18, 2009

Leonard Mullen, Tracadie Cross Consolidated School
Awarded: June 23, 2009


Mike Gaudet, Athena Consolidated School
Awarded: October 20, 2008

Clifford Affleck, Mt. Stewart Consolidated School
Awarded: October 22, 2008


Ned Crossman, St. Peter’s Consolidated School
Awarded: October 16, 2007

Donna Campbell, Bloomfield Elementary School
Awarded: October 18, 2007


Leonard Kelly, Morell Consolidated School
Awarded: June 22, 2006