Parent Leadership Grant Program 2011-2012

Here are the “webstories” from our 2011-2012 Parent Leadership Grants, small grants awards to local home and schools to engage in parent leadership and engagement projects with the parents and guardians in their school.


Project Name

Parental Leadership Activity

Cardigan Consolidated

Arts Blitz

Organized sessions for parents and students focused on creative arts – movement and dance, drawing, painting and clay.

Central Queens Elementary

Tying families
together with art

Organized an interactive event for parents and students with a professional local artist.

City of Charlottetown Elementary Schools - West Kent, St. Jean, Spring Park, Prince Street and Parkdale

5 Cool Schools
Family Fun Day

Families from the five partner schools were invited to a “Family Fun Day” at UPEI for a program of recreational activities were planned.

Donagh Regional

Learn to Write!

Organized an event for parents and children with a focus on literacy.

Englewood Consolidated

Parent and Family Information and
Activity Sessions

Organized three interactive information sessions with emphasis on healthy eating, bullying and being active in nature.

L.M.Montgomery Elementary

Parent Math Night

Organized a games evening in the school for parents and children to help with math skills.

La Belle Cloche

French, Fun

& Technology

Organized an event for families that focuses on physical education and healthy active living.

M.E.Callaghan Junior High

The Home – School - Community Connection

Offered a series of information sessions for parents on a variety of topics – math, literacy, internet safety, game nights and adolescents.

Morell High

Literary Links

Provided resources to encourage readership and literacy.

Mt. Stewart Elementary

Learning in many different ways

Organized a series of parent/family events to explore literacy, visual arts and math.

City of Summerside Elementary Schools - PAGE Parkside, Athena, Greenfield, Elm Street)

Sticks and Stones

Hosted leaders in the community and school board in a discussion of child wellness and safety in the schools, home and community. (PAGE - Parkside, Athena, Greenfield, Elm Street)

Souris Consolidated

Family Fun Night

Organized a fun event that allowed families, school staff, RCMP and Island EMS to interact and establish positive relationships.

Vernon River Consolidated

The Homework Club

Organized a series of professional development sessions for parents regarding literacy, math and science.

West Kent Elementary

EAL Parent

Hired an interpreter to attend school council meetings which allowed EAL parents to take a more active role in the school community.

West Royalty Elementary

Math Matters

Organize math workshops with curriculum specialists for parents.

Westwood Primary

Literacy Lab

Created a literacy resource library for parents.