Parent Leadership Grant Program

About the Parent Leadership Grant Program

Children whose parents are involved in the school perform better and have higher career and education goals.  Research shows that when it comes to education, parents matter.

To enhance the participation of all parents in their children’s learn, the PEI Home and School Federation offers Parent Leadership Grants to local home and school associations at Prince Edward Island Schools.

Deadlines and Amounts

The grants are subject to eligibility criteria, and are competitive: there are two competition deadlines: October 21, 2016 and January 27, 2017.

Home and school associations may apply individually or in partnership with other home and schools.  The maximum amount that can be requested is $1000 and there is a limit of one successful grant per school per academic  year. 

Application Guidelines

Project Guidelines are outlined in the Parent Leadership 2016-2017 Grant Kit.

Project Ideas

Home and school associations are encouraged to review projects undertaken in previous years by other schools to explore the breadth of projects they might consider:

Posted by Shirley Smedley-Jay on Friday, November 8, 2013.