Extra Mile Award

The PEI Home and School Federation Extra Mile Award commenced in the 2004 - 2005 school year. This award recognizes teachers and/or staff personnel (i.e. administrative assistants, EAs, custodians, etc.), who exemplify going the extra mile - over and above the call of duty. Two recipients will be announced and a presentation made at their respective schools during Teacher / Staff Appreciation Week.

  1. There shall be two “Extra Mile Awards” presented annually, one in the Eastern region schools and a second in the Western region schools of Prince Edward Island.
  2. The selection committee shall consist of at least three members of the PEIHSF Board and Home and School Association representatives, where necessary.
  3. Nomination forms will be sent to the PEIHSF office.
  4. Nominations are to be submitted by a local Home and School Association or an individual member. Supporting letters are welcomed from school administrators and students.

Describe in a maximum of three pages, the nominee’s contribution in the following areas:

  1. Details of volunteer service to Island students and/or youth
  2. Demonstrated caring attitude towards Island students and youth
  3. Evidence of going the extra mile in assisting a student(s) achieve academically, socially or in other areas of school life
  4. Demonstrated ability to motivate young adults.
  5. Evidence that time given bettered the life of these young Islanders.

Support letters from parents, teachers, other school staff and students will also be accepted.

Click here for Extra Mile Award criteria and nomination information.

Extra Mile Award Nominations Deadline: January 12, 2018

If you have any questions please contact us for more information.


Cathy Cairns
Englewood Consolidated
Awarded: February 22, 2017

Gail Finniss
Greenfield Elementary
Awarded: February 23, 2017


Linda Roach
Vernon River Consolidated
Awarded: February 17, 2016

Kim Crozier
Queen Elizabeth Elementary
Awarded: February 19, 2016


Kate MacSwain
Souris Regional
Awarded: February 10, 2015

Barbie MacQuarrie
Spring Park Elementary
Awarded: February 12, 2015


Judy DesRoches
Miscouche Consolidated
Awarded: February 13, 2014

Alanna Gauthier
Central Queens Elementary
Awarded: February 14, 2014


Lynn Sherren
Souris Consolidated
Awarded: February 13, 2013

Nicole Haire
Three Oaks Senior High
Awarded: February 14, 2013


Garth MacKay
Queen Elizabeth Elementary
Awarded: February 15, 2012

Terry MacIsaac
Prince Street Elementary
Awarded: February 22, 2012


Fran Albrecht
Somerset Elementary
Awarded: February 17, 2011

Karen Mullally
Souris Consolidated
Awarded: February 17, 2011


Kevin Stewart
Kinkora Regional
Awarded: February 18, 2010

Doug Aitken
West Royalty Elementary
Awarded: February 19, 2010


Anne Farrell-Gaudet, Teacher
Parkside Elementary
Awarded: February 11, 2009

Susan Keizer
Tracadie Cross Consolidated
Awarded: February 27, 2009


Bonnie Rogerson, Teacher
Kinkora High School
Awarded: February 14, 2008

Sylvia Henderson, Teacher
Stonepark Intermediate
Awarded: February 15, 2008


Veronique Bouchard, Teacher
Westisle High School
Awarded: February 17, 2007

Mike Lloyd, Teacher
Charlottetown Rural High
Awarded: February 17, 2007


Charlotte Bradley, Secretary
St. Teresa’s Consolidated
Awarded: June 26, 2006


Lois Adams, Principal
West Kent Elementary
Awarded: June 10, 2005

Gerry McQuaid, Teacher
Miscouche Consolidated
Awarded: June 14, 2005