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Home and School news, February 2018

Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Celebrate Teachers/Staff Appreciation Week, February 12 - 16, 2018.  Home and Schools are reminded to celebrate all school staff during this week of recognition. The Federation will present Extra Mile Awards during the week to recognize school staff who go the ‘extra mile’ for students.


President’s Annual Reports

The Annual Book of Reports is being compiled for circulation at the Annual Meeting in April.  Presidents are asked to submit your Home and School Association’s Annual Report to the Federation by February 28, 2018.  Don’t hesitate to call the Federation office for assistance. An online template:


Volunteer and Life Membership Awards

A vision for P.E.I. education: Semi-annual meeting Oct. 24 offers chance to explore new ideas for schools

What would your school look like if you could design it? What are your dreams for the students in your school? What are the most important aspects of education to consider during the planning process? How big is your school district? Is it a small district where everyone knows your name, or is it a large district where there is access to many resources? Are there connections to other organizations or locations outside of the school? Travel? Can spaces be designed to encourage quiet reflection? Creativity? Are the spaces created to emphasize individual work, collective work, work from a distance, or other options? How are students grouped? How is success defined? What are students learning? Who should be part of the discussion? What else should be considered?

The Barbeque for Learning

At the April 2017 meeting of the Learning Partners Advisory Council, it was decided to explore the possibility of organizing a “Learn Day” in the fall of 2017

Another Working Group is responsible to organize an event in the fall, a Learning Day, or L-Day, to bring together LPAC, the Principals Council, the District Advisory Councils, and other partners and stakeholders to consider learning in the broad sense.

Based on positive experiences bringing those involved in learning together in less formal settings that was proposed for “Learn Day,” Peter Rukavina, the PEI Home and School Federation representative on the Learning Partners Advisory Council, recommended holding a summer barbeque, and a working group, chaired by Peter, was struck to organize this:


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