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Wellness Presentations in All Families of Schools (Project completed: February/March 2016)

Wellness Presentations get underway February 9th. Professionals will present on topics of interest chosen by Home and School members, province-wide. Topics include: Anxiety, Coping, Healthy Relationships and Triple P. There will be eleven sessions held in all ten families of schools. All presentations will begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m. Check the schedule below to find your family of school's presentation topic and presentation date.

A good time to say thanks....Many people part of children’s education in this province

Teacher-Staff Appreciation Week, February 14 to 20, 2016, provides each public school community with an opportunity to shine light on the work that teachers, administrators and staff do each day that serves the total well-being of our youth.

Annual awards recognize valuable contributions

It is the beginning of awards season not only in Hollywood, but also at the P.E.I. Home and School Federation as January is the first in a series of deadlines for nominations for the provincial awards that the federation uses to recognize excellence in public education.

The Extra Mile Award recognizes teachers and staff who exemplify going the extra mile, going above and beyond the call of duty to support the total well-being of the Island’s youth.  Two awards are given annually, one in the east and one in the west (last year Kate MacSwain at Souris Regional and Barbie MacQuarrie at Spring Park Elementary were recognized).  The deadline for nominations for the Extra Mile award is January 15; nomination forms and criteria are online at The awards are presented during Teacher-Staff Appreciation Week in February.

Update on Advisory Councils

A brief update on all matters “advisory” from PEI Home and School Federation.

Family of Schools District Advisory Councils

I’m happy to report that our membership has risen to the challenge, and a large majority of schools have identified a representative for the Family of Schools District Advisory Councils in advance of the December 31, 2015 deadline.  

Thank you for rising to the challenge: in a perfect world there would have been more time for a more considered process for identifying the representatives, and I encourage you to work with your membership to fine-tune the process for the next time a representative needs to be selected. This would be a good process to include in your local association’s bylaws or guidelines so that future cohorts of home & school members have a ready reference for the process.

New School Calendar Resources from English Language School Board

Staff at the English Language School Board have worked hard over the last year to develop a standardized system for the board and its schools to maintain school calendar information.

The result is a new School Calendars page on the board's website, with a customized calendar for each school.

There's also a calendar that shows a list of all the events on all the calendars for all the schools, something that provides a great “bird's eye view” of the diversity of activities happening in Island schools.

Home and School and the Learning Partners Advisory Council

In the November 5, 2015 announcement of changes to education governance in the province, in addition to the Family of Schools District Advisory Councils, the Premier announced the formation of a Learning Partners Advisory Council, a coaltion to take a broader, longer-term look at education – both before, during, and after public school.

In a letter of November 27, 2015, Premier MacLauchlan and Bill Whelan, who will act as co-chairs, invited PEI Home and School Federation to select a representative to the Council.

Making a commitment: There are plenty of ways for parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, staff to get involved

With the changes to education governance announced by Premier MacLauchlan and Hon. Hal Perry, Minister of Education, on November 5, 2015, home and school members – parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff at schools across the province – have new opportunities for engagement with and influence over the conduct of public education. It is both an exciting time, and one which will require new levels of commitment to the values that home and school has always held dear.

The most immediate action required by home and schools is the selection of a representative to the new Family of Schools District Advisory Councils.

Presentation to English Language School Board

At the regular monthly meeting of the English Language School Board held November 24, 2015 at Stratford Board Office, Peter Rukavina, President, PEI Home and School Federation made the following remarks in a presentation to the Official Trustee:

Trustee Hood, Superintendent Fleet, Board staff,

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you this evening on behalf of the PEI Home and School Federation.  We wanted to take a few minutes to update the Board on our current projects and concerns.

Provincial School Lunch Program

This April our members unanimously adopted a resolution calling for the establishment of a Provincial School Lunch Program, under which every student in every school on the Island would be provided with a healthy lunch at no cost.

The Learning Partnership, District Advisory Councils and Home and School

By now you’ve no doubt heard about the changes to the way education is governed and organized in Prince Edward Island announced this morning by Premier MacLauchlan.

The new model, dubbed the “Learning Partnership,” has some significant implications for home and school associations.


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