Seek Policy Advice From Students On The Autism Spectrum To Help All Students With Transitions

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WHEREAS    transitions, whether between grade levels and schools, between parts of the school year, or within the school day, have been identified by mental health professionals and by educators as significant mental health challenges for all students1 and,

WHEREAS    the PEI Learning Partners Advisory Council, in its white paper Ambition, Excellence and Prosperity: Priorities and Directions for Learning, identified transitions as a particular area of focus for learning in the province2, and,


WHEREAS    students with autism spectrum disorders typically face significantly greater challenges with transitions than typical students3,4 and,

WHEREAS    because of the particular challenges with transitions faced by students on the autism spectrum, these students (and their caregivers and educators) are uniquely attuned to the frequency and nature of transitions in learning environments, and, by virtue of this, have unique insights into how to mitigate the stress of transitions, and,

WHEREAS    many of these insights and mitigation strategies, if more generally applied in learning environments, could aid in the reduction of transitions-related challenges for all students,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that regular feedback from students on the autism spectrum, and their caregivers and educators, be integrated into all aspects of the policy-making process by Public Schools Branch and the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture,

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Public Schools Branch convene an advisory body of students on the autism spectrum and their caregivers and educators, to conduct a review of operational policies and procedures, with particular focus on transitions, with the goal of advising the Branch on changes to these procedures that could mitigate the challenges of transitions for all students.



Saturday, April 14, 2018


Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture
Public Schools Branch