Wellness Presentations in All Families of Schools

Wellness Presentations get underway February 9th.  Professionals will present on topics of interest chosen by Home and School members, province-wide.  Topics include: Anxiety, Coping, Healthy Relationships and Triple P.  There will be eleven sessions held in all ten families of schools. All presentations will begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m.  Check the schedule below to find your family of school's presentation topic and presentation date.

The 2015 PISA Tests

This spring, randomly selected 15 year old students in Prince Edward Island schools will be writing PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) tests.

PISA testing is administered independently in Canada by the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada (CMEC) and it is CMEC that selects which students at which schools will be writing the test. PISA testing is overseen internationally by the OECD, and there's an FAQ on its website that explains the basics of the testing.

PEIHSF Television Commercial

Here's a television commercial that will be airing on the CBC in Prince Edward Island in the days and weeks to come:

The commercial has its roots in a parent leadership project of the Bluefield Family of Schools: parent and educator members of the local associations in that family of schools wanted to encourage engagement by parents and guardians in their child's education, both directly and through home and school. The commercial serves as a reminder of both.

Parent Leadership Grant Program

About the Parent Leadership Grant Program

Children whose parents are involved in the school perform better and have higher career and education goals.  Research shows that when it comes to education, parents matter.

To enhance the participation of all parents in their children’s learn, the PEI Home and School Federation offers Parent Leadership Grants to local home and school associations at Prince Edward Island Schools.

Deadlines and Amounts

The grants are subject to eligibility criteria, and are competitive: there are two competition deadlines: October 21, 2016 and January 27, 2017.

Home and school associations may apply individually or in partnership with other home and schools.  The maximum amount that can be requested is $1000 and there is a limit of one successful grant per school per academic  year. 

Opportunity to Join PEIHSF Subcommittees

The board of the PEI Home and School Federation has established a collection of board subcommittees consisting of representatives of the board, of local home and school associations, and of partners in the education system.

If you are interested in helping to shape PEIHSF policy and to influence policy and practice in the education system on PEI at a provincial level, volunteering to join a subcommittee is an excellent opportunity; the time committment is not great and you'll be working with people who are deeply engaged in public education.

Please content the subcomittee chairs listed on our subcommittee page to express your interest.


Reminder for parents/guardians to fill out survey - Help spread the word using social media


Att.  Parents/Guardians

The PEI Home and School  Federation needs your help to invite more parents to fill out our Parents as Partners in Education survey.  Approximately 300 more parents are needed, especially from Eastern and Western PEI.

Help us to spread the word to parents through…Facebook….Twitter….Blogs.

Click here:

After completing the survey, parents will also have a chance to enter to win one of 3 more prize draws for $50 each.

Congratulations to winners to-date:
Bernadette Forrester
Pam Bastedo 
Sherri Clark

Extra Mile Award, Brainstorming Session, Educational Resolutions - January 2013 Deadlines

January 2013 deadlines include:
1.   NOMINATE a teacher/staff person for EXTRA MILE AWARD by Jan. 18.
Follow this link to find nomination information:
2.   PARENTS  (i.e. presidents, executive members, other parents in your school) are invited to REGISTER for the upcoming BRAINSTORMING SESSION to be held on
Tues. Jan. 29 at Harmony House Theatre in Hunter River, PEI  by Jan. 28th.


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