2016 Provincial Heritage Fair Home and School Award Winners

The Provincial Heritage Fair was held Thursday, May 19, 2016 at the Confederation Centre of the Arts and we are happy to announce the winners of the PEI Home and School Federation Special Prizes, awarded to projects that “focus on the total well-being of children, including health, safety and learning."

"My Great Grandmother Jeanette Birch"

 Kiana MacCormack, a Grade 5 student from Ellerslie Elementary School presented "My Great Grandmother Jeanette Birch", a project in which Kiana examined and explored the life of her 104 year old great-grandmother including the contributions she made to community and family as a teacher, writer, painter and leader.  Kiana was obviously engaged with her subject, and her research was thorough and well-documented, including books Jeanette wrote and pictures of the many artworks she created. Kiana's  oral presentation clear, proud and well-presented. 


"Legend of the Arctic: Ross Wyvern Peyton"

Liam Chatfield, a Grade 5 student from West Royalty Elementary School presented his project “Legend of the Arctic: Ross Wyvern Peyton”.  Liam was captivated by the fact that his uncle Ross was an adventurer, entrepreneur and problem solver in Northern Canada. He lived for many years in one community Pangnirtung, NWT where he led the way in making life easier and more accessible for the community. For example: Uncle Ross bulldozed an airstrip to bring in supplies, blasted a channel to allow for fishing boats, and created a youth center for the children to have a place to read, play games and learn. As Liam stated "He made a lot of really cool things." He was impressed that the community even gave his uncle his own Inuit name as a recognition of all his contributions to his community. Liam hopes to be like his uncle one day. His research demonstrated that Liam was proud of this story in his family heritage, and did considerable research to show all the facets of his uncle's exploits.
The members of the PEI Home and School Federation congratulate them on their success; each student was awarded a $25 Specialty Prize.