New School Calendar Resources from English Language School Board

Staff at the English Language School Board have worked hard over the last year to develop a standardized system for the board and its schools to maintain school calendar information.

The result is a new School Calendars page on the board's website, with a customized calendar for each school.

There's also a calendar that shows a list of all the events on all the calendars for all the schools, something that provides a great "bird's eye view" of the diversity of activities happening in Island schools.

So, for example, there is this calendar for Spring Park Elementary School, which contains both school-specific events, like the school's Christmas Gift Shoppe, and board-wide events, like the last day of school before Christmas.

The board has also created a helpful Subscribing to School Calendars page that provides details about how parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff can add their school's calendar to their own Google Calendar or to their smart phone or desktop calendar application.

The board is working with individual schools to integrate these calendars into school websites; if you don't see local school events on your school calendar, be sure to ask your administrator when it will start to be updated.