Jaime Cole, 2015 Extra Mile Award Winner at Kinkora Regional High School

The PEI Home and School Federation is pleased to present three Extra Mile Awards during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week.  This award is given to a Island school teacher or staff person who demonstrates going “above and beyond the call of duty” making significant contribution to the lives of Island students in a positive and caring way.

In 2015 the Federation awarded three Extra Mile Awards, and due to weather the presentation of the final award was delayed to March 5, 2015 when it was presented to Jaime Cole, Principal at Kinkora Regional High School

Here are comments from people in the KRHS  community:

  • "Jaime genuinely cares for every student that walks through the doors of KRHS; she makes it a point to get to know every student in the school…and believes that it is important to listen to the voice of students."
  • "She has brought so much positive energy to this school… has been an inspiration not only to our student body, but also to our staff… she puts in countless hours at (the school) and is committed to the development of every single student… she lights our path"
  • "Ms. Cole loves every students and wants everyone to feel the joy and happiness that she does… When I had given up on myself, Ms. Cole still believed in me… she sets everyone up for success.”

Ms Cole does so much for the life of Kinkora Regional High School including:

  • Displays excellence in teaching any subject but is exceptional in math, which is evident through the Grade 9 math assessment being well above the provincial average;
  • Involved in compiling, administering, marking and analyzing stages of the literacy assessment;
  • Assists in the planning and implementation of various professional development days for staff centered on literacy development;
  • Implemented a lunch time Homework Club for students who were not completing class work;
  • Taught independent study to students who could not take a course due to schedule conflicts;
  • Facilitator for the Peer Tutoring program that operates weekly;
  • Teacher advisor for Grade Twelve Executive, which includes planning and attending Safe Grad activities;
  • Oversees Blazer Beef Supper fundraiser, giving up a Saturday to prepare and cook all the beef;
  • Initiated December as the “KRHS Month of Kindness”;
  • Directed a “Challenge Day” for the students to increase personal power and self-esteem and shift peer pressure to positive peer support;
  • Took over the management of the cafeteria after Chartwells discontinued food service;
  • Attends school dances, sporting events, the annual Christmas concerts and Coffee House.

A parent summed up Jaime's role in the school community:

What is longer than a mile?  It is Ms. Jaime Cole’s enthusiastic, can-do spirit, and her dedication to the students of Kinkora Regional High School.

The PEI Home and School Federation was honoured to recognize Jaime's contribution to Island education and to Kinkora Regional High School in a ceremony on March 5 that included a rousing rally in her honour organized by students and staff.

Cake for Jaime Cole

Jaime Cole speaks at reception in her honour.

Jaime Cole and Shirley Jay