Kim Crozier, 2016 Extra Mile Award Winner at Queen Elizabeth Elementary

The PEI Home and School Federation recognized Queen Elizabeth Elementary School teacher Kim Crozier with its Extra Mile Award this morning in a ceremony held at the school.

Ms. Crozier was congratulated on her honour by English Language School Board Trustee Ricky Hood, by PEI Teachers Federation President Bethany MacLeod and by Queen Elizabeth Elementary Home and School Co-chairs Bev Campbell and Darby McCormick. Student Liam Walsh read a note on behalf the students of the school, and Principal Rodney MacArthur added his congratulations.

Kim Crozier and her class

In his presentation to Ms. Crozier, Federation President Peter Rukavina summarized her contributions to the school and community, emphasizing her work to connect home and school. From the citation:

It would be difficult to give you details of all the activities and endeavors to which she devotes herself in her mission to support and encourage students, colleagues, and parents. I will attempt, however, to give you some idea of the positive contribution she has made to the whole school community!

This teacher is a strong advocate for all her students both at school and in the community celebrating their successes and achievements by…..

  • arranging child-based Parent Teacher Interviews with both child and parent present …. allowing parents to view their child's progress through the eyes of their child
  • creating a blog for her classroom to increase communication between school and home
  • partnering with another teacher in the school to organize the “Red Carpet Event” where a collection of videos are taken of classroom activities such as play acting, singing, dancing, and reading; video clips are edited to make a movie of the students’ learning experiences in the classroom for parents to view. This is appreciated by parents and is an event that brings the home and the school together!
  • taking an active interest in student’s lives in the community by attending softball or soccer practices to cheer the children on. Parent quote “To see a child smile brightly when they hear their very first school teacher in the stands shouting out words of encouragement, is truly a gift for any parent!”

She is a constant advocate for all families and seeks solutions that are inclusive so that no child goes without by…..

  • being involved with fund-raising efforts of the Home and School Playground Committee and strongly advocating for building a fully inclusive play structure
  • helping to organize a Numeracy Games Night by asking other school staff members to commit to assist with designing the games and providing direction at the event for the whole school’s benefit.
  • attending monthly Home and School meetings to build a strong relationship with all parents, especially those who are new to the school community.

Quote: “The point of view of a teacher is important and essential to how our Home and School Association functions. The goal is to be a benefit to the entire school body and this teacher is a very strong voice for both students and staff. She takes the time to explain the way things work in the education system and is always glad to answer questions parents may have about school policies.”

Queen Elizabeth school took on a new initiative this year to help ensure that every child has adequate nutrition, through a weekend food program. This teacher helped to create the program; offered personal insight into the dynamics of the families and helped to create the best possible strategies for a successful program acting as the liaison between the group and the families.

The Queen Elizabeth Elementary Home and School greatly appreciates the contributions that Kim Crozier makes and fully supports her being recognized for going far beyond the extra mile! She goes the extra mile in everything she does! The community is lucky to have such an amazing person! As is our school!

The Queen Elizabeth Elementary school community is a better place because of Kim Crozier and on behalf of the PEI Home and School Federation, I wish to honor Kim today as a recipient of the 2016 Extra Mile Award. 

This was the second of two Extra Mile awards handed out this year; the first was awarded to Linda Roach of Vernon River Consolidated, earlier this week. Like Ms. Crozier, Ms. Roach is also a kindergarten teacher; this is the first time kindergarten teachers have received the Extra Mile award since the introduction of kindergarten to the public school system.