Home and School and the Learning Partners Advisory Council

In the November 5, 2015 announcement of changes to education governance in the province, in addition to the Family of Schools District Advisory Councils, the Premier announced the formation of a Learning Partners Advisory Council, a coaltion to take a broader, longer-term look at education – both before, during, and after public school.

In a letter of November 27, 2015, Premier MacLauchlan and Bill Whelan, who will act as co-chairs, invited PEI Home and School Federation to select a representative to the Council.

The PEIHSF board of directors discussed the options for selecting a representative, and the consensus was that the most appropriate person to fill the role would be the Past-President of the Federation, the feeling being that the person, having spent two years in the role of President, would have a deep engagement with and knowledge of the current issues in education.

To this end, we forwarded a letter of acceptance to the Council this afternoon.  As my term as President comes to an end in April 2016, the board of directors felt it would be most appropriate if I took on the role, which I have agreed to do.

As the work of the Learning Partners Advisory Council begins this month, I will, to the extent the Council is comfortable, document the discussions and deliberations here on the PEIHSF website.

As I serve simply to represent the membership of the Federation, I will take my policy cues from our policy resolutions and, where needed, from additional consultations with our members.