Provincial Heritage Fair cancelled….coordinating Canada’s Virtual Heritage Fair

Canada's History, the national coordinating body of the Heritage Fairs program will coordinate Canada's Virtual Heritage Fair. 

Any student in grades 3 – 11 can register, with parent/guardian's permission. More information : or in French( )
Students will upload 3 – 5 photos of their heritage fair project, which should be on any Canadian heritage or culture subject, plus captions relating to the images by April 14.
Students can think about these questions in preparing their captions:
– Why is this person, event or topic historically significant?
– What do you want Canadians to know about your topic?
– What surprised you in your research?
– What was your guiding research question?
The photos and captions will be shared on the Virtual Heritage Fair Instagram account @heritagefairs_fetespatrimoine  from April 15 through April 24.  There will be daily prizes awarded by Canada's History through random draws.
Hashtags are #virtualHeritageFair2020 and #fetesdupatrimoinevirtuelles2020 and commenting will be monitored.

Young Citizens

All students who have or are completing a heritage fair project or independent research project on a topic of Canadian history are eligible to participate by creating and uploading a short 3-4 minute video of the heritage fair project. 

 Information is found at ( and the Getting Started page will provide students with all the forms and steps they need to complete to participate:

 Given that students will have limited or no access to libraries, archives, museums, subject matter experts, and filming locations, this year’s criteria will focus more on the content and research, and less on the production of the film.

 Deadline for videos to be uploaded for this program is June 8.  Online voting for the videos is June 11 to July 1. 

 There are many online resources for research – please see the attached guide to online resources – and many examples of Young Citizens videos submitted by students from across the country including numerous PEI student submissions are on the website.

 The Kayak Kids' Illustrated History Challenge is a contest for students ages 7 – 14. Students create an original story based on an aspect of Canadian history or heritage.  The story should be accompanied by original artwork, archival images, or can be presented in comic format.  Deadline for submissions to Canada's History is June 15.  More details here:

All best wishes and stay safe and healthy,

Charlotte Stewart 
Heritage Officer & Provincial Heritage Fair Coordinator
Department of Economic Growth, Tourism & Culture / (902) 368-5940  /