Plan now for next year

May is a good month for home and school associations to reflect, take stock, and to work to make sure the transition to the next school year is a smooth one for parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff.

The focused discussions on provincial policy resolutions that took place in the months leading up to our Annual Meeting in April are done. The resolutions that passed at the Annual Meeting are on the PEIHSF website, and they will now be forwarded to the English Language School Board and to the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development for response.  The provincial board will be also be working to move the resolutions forward, organizing meetings and seeking input, and local members are encouraged to join in this effort. 

An update on the progress on ensuring all of the resolutions are acted on will be provided to members at the Semi-Annual Meeting in the fall.

Be sure not to miss the School Bus Driver of the Year nomination deadline on May 15. This award presents our members with an opportunity to honour a school bus driver who has gone “above and beyond the call of duty” in their work. Details and nomination forms are available on the PEIHSF website at

For families with students entering kindergarten in the autumn, the next school year has, in fact, already begun. Early Years Evaluations are being completed for all new students, and Welcome to Kindergarten sessions are being conducted at all elementary schools. Parent engagement is as important in kindergarten as in any other year, and local associations are encouraged to reach out to new parents at these sessions to welcome them into the home and school community. Download the Welcome to Kindergarten app for more fun and creative learning tips.

Part of ensuring a smooth transition to the next school year is working to make sure that your local home and school is ready to hit the ground running come September, and a great way to do this is to elect a new executive this month. The goal of electing a new executive is to select a small group of parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff who will oversee the local association; if you need support in conducting an election for an executive, contact the federation office.

Another item to discuss with your school principal at your last home and school meeting of the year is the school effectiveness plan: every school has one, and administrators are required to complete an annual report on the plan, its goals and achievements made. Be sure to ask your principal for an update on your school’s plan.

The PEIHSF office can provide assistance to local associations on any issues related to the end-of-year winding down, from meetings to awards to planning for next year; email or phone 902-620-3186 or 1-800-916-0664.