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Policies & By-Laws


The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation supports a collaborative model for education, whereby school communities (parents, guardians, teachers, administrators, and staff) work together and place the education and well-being of the student at the heart of all policies and decision making.

The PEI Home and School Federation maintains a "Policy Manual," a compendium of resolutions on different topics passed at annual or semi-annual meetings, organized by topic.

The Federation supports in areas such as:

  • Professional development of teachers along with the evolving use of technology to support learning.
  • We believe that small class sizes are integral to support the academic achievement and wellbeing of all Island children.
  • Efforts to create, within school communities, an environment of respect for every person’s inherent value and potential to contribute to their school and community.
  • Communication between home and school is clear, consistent, and accessible to all parents, is paramount to ensuring the academic success and wellbeing of all Island children. When used appropriately, technology can serve as a useful tool for making communication more efficient.
  • Elected public school board trustees serve to protect the interests of the public good and revitalize democratic processes.
  • Adequate funding by the Prince Edward Island government for education is crucial in providing optimal and equitable educational experiences for our students.

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