Call for Extra Mile Award Nominations to Recognize Teachers/Staff Personnel

The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation is now accepting nominations for the Extra Mile Award. This award recognizes teachers and/or staff personnel who exemplify going the extra mile, over and above the call of duty, in Prince Edward Island’s public education system.
“We have many great educators and staff personnel in our school system who are unsung heros.” says Owen Parkhouse, President. “The evidence of going the extra mile in assisting a student to achieve academically, socially or in other areas of school life is important to the total well-being of the child/youth and is worthy of recognition.”
The PEI Home and School Federation highly regards these people in our education system and knows that all the extras given by an individual should not go unnoticed.

Letter to Minister Currie regarding Eastern School Board of Trustees

At the November 25, 2010 meeting of the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation, board members discussed, at length, the Eastern School Board of Trustees’ recent November 17, 2010 public meeting and their current decision to cancel meetings over the next month.
See the Federation's letter.

Home and School President Shocked At Dysfunction Of Eastern School Board

The president of the P.E.I. Home and School Federation says he was shocked at the steamrolling conduct exhibited during an Eastern School Board meeting here Wednesday night and will request an investigation by the Minister of Education. “I was totally distressed by what happened and I don’t think I was the only one,’’ said Owen Parkhouse who made a presentation… more (The Guardian)

Eastern School District Rezoning Process

Response The PEI Home and School Federation receives response from the newly appointed trusee, Patsy MacLean regarding board-wide rezoning.
See ESD letter from Official Trustee, March 23, 2011

The PEI Home and School Federation strongly urges the Board of School Trustees to begin the process of rezoning the Eastern School District (ESD) as recommended in the School Organization Plan released on January 7, 2009.
See Federation's Letter, October 14/10

What Do Cigarettes, Alcohol and Red Bull Have In Common?

Group calls for energy drink restriction.
Some 'drinks are getting to toxic levels' doctor says. Young people soon won't be able to purchase any of them if the Canadian Home and School Federation has anything to say about it. The federation intends to renew efforts to ban the sale of so-called energy drinks to people under the legal age of majority due to health concerns over beverages such as Red Bull and Rockstar.

“It's our position that they should not be sold to minors because they have such high concentrations of caffeine,” said Owen Parkhouse, president of the P.E.I. Home and School Federation. “I think it can develop into as bad a problem as cigarettes and alcohol, but caffeine is more of a socially acceptable addiction.”
Click here for full story….(Journal Pioneer)

Letter to Editor (The Guardian)

Dear Editor:
I am writing to comment on Dave Stewart’s article, in the Guardian dated May 13, 2010, on ‘Former mayor warns more school closures coming’. I would like to take this opportunity to say that successful school boards (and organizations) are known for their transparency and effective communications. The children and parents of all School Districts require
and welcome open and unfettered dialogue within their school board.
Owen J.W. Parkhouse
President, PEI Home and School Federation

West Royalty Elementary School Staff Person Receives Extra Mile Award during Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week

Doug Aitken, custodian, at West Royalty Elementary School was presented with the PEI Home and School Federation’s Extra Mile Award by Bill Whelan, President, on February 19, 2010.
This award honours a teacher or staff person in the school system who exemplifies going the ‘extra mile’ for students to achieve both academically and socially in their young lives.
“In my twenty-eight years in the education system, I cannot think of any individual more deserving than Doug to receive this prestigious award. There are many ways that Doug supports the students, staff and parents of our school community.” says principal, Ken Gaudet, “He is well respected by everyone!”

“He’s Not Average, He’s “Stew” - Kinkora Teacher Receives Extra Mile Award

Kevin Stewart, teacher, at Kinkora Regional High School was presented with the PEI Home and School Federation’s Extra Mile Award by board official, Anna MacDonald, on February 18, 2010. Affectionately known as “Stew”, Mr. Stewart has been the Grade Nine social studies teacher at Kinkora Regional High since the mid-nineties. He is known as a “creative and effective teacher” who communicates a passion for his subject and brings out the best in each student.

National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week February 14 - 20, 2010

For the twenty-second consecutive year, Home and School Associations and Parent Councils across Canada are celebrating National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week which will be held February 14-20, 2010. Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week has become established as an annual celebration in support of teachers and other members of the school staff such as school secretaries, school nurses, teachers assistants, guidance counselors, custodians and bus drivers.

Home and School Federation Welcomes Parent Input On School Rezoning

The PEI Home and School Federation welcomes the Eastern School District trustees’ decision on January 27 to provide greater opportunity for parent input on school rezoning. “I am pleased that the trustees have accepted our recommendations and recognize the importance of slowing down the process to hear from parents,” said Federation President Bill Whelan.
The trustees also voted to construct new classrooms at three Charlottetown schools identified as needing extra space to accommodate incoming kindergarten students. If this new construction is approved by government, the Federation questions the timing for rezoning a subset of schools for September 2010, as recommended by the trustees. “The only effective way to look at rezoning is to consider the entire school board. A piece-wise approach will fail to achieve education and transportation goals,” said Whelan.