Update Regarding January 14/10 Letter To Eastern School Board Concerning Rezoning

The PEI Home and School Federation sent a letter on January 14, 2010 to Bob Clow,
Chairman of the Eastern School District Board of Trustees, requesting that the school board revise its policy on school rezoning to allow parents to be involved in the process
in more meaningful ways.
Specifically the Federation requested that the ad-hoc committee looking at rezoning be
expanded to include the principal and one parent from each of the schools to be
rezoned, and that the deadline to draft a rezoning report be extended by 2 months to
March 31, 2010.
The Federation’s position is that parents, principals and trustees need time to engage in
effective communication before a rezoning report is written. Parents must have an
opportunity to input and have their say on rezoning in a way that will have an impact on

Requests for Input - Department of Education and Early Childhood Development

New Senior High School Model

The Senior High School Model (SHSM) Committee, established by the Department of Education, has produced a discussion paper containing proposals to introduce new opportunities / modes of curriculum delivery for high school students. In April 2008, the PEI Home and School Federation was invited to review this document and provide feedback to Clayton Coe with the Department of Education. Home and School Association Presidents/Co-Chairs were asked to discuss this information with their Home and School members and forward any comments to the provincial office.
Click here for the Full SHSM Paper and the Federation’s response.

Instructional Staffing Model

Fundraising Guidelines

Over the past few years the Federation has received a number of inquiries from parents and principals regarding fundraising activities undertaken by local home and school associations / parent councils. We know that parents want to be involved in their child’s school community and are willing to support projects aimed to generate funds that benefit their child’s education. The approach to fundraising varies from school to school and this has led to some uncertainty as to the role of fundraising and to the acceptable use of the money raised.

Atlantic Home and School / School Council Caucus Meets In St. John's Newfoundland

The 7th Annual Atlantic Caucus of Home and School/School Council Federations meeting took place in St. John’s, Newfoundland, on the weekend of October 17, 2009. Representatives from the Home and School Federations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and the Federation of School Councils in Newfoundland Labrador participated in the meeting.
There was discussion on a variety of topics during the meeting and general consensus on the position of each provincial association regarding parental involvement in school; use of energy drinks by children and youth; and the need for consistency in school fees across the Atlantic region.
The Atlantic Home and School Caucus would like to see a high level of Parental Involvement in school-based activities. While parental involvement is occurring at some level at all schools, parents need to feel welcome at school, and strategies need to be developed to break down the barriers and include all parents.

The PEI Home and School Federation Offers Funding For Parents To Participate In Their Children's Learning

The following is distributed by Island Information Service at the request of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development and the PEI Home and School Federation. Home and School Federation Offers Funding for Parents to Participate in their Children’s Learning
New funding is now available to support parents who want to become more involved in their children’s learning, says Bill Whelan, president of the PEI Home and School Federation.

Minister's Directive on Senior High School Graduations requirement - For consultation

The Department of Education and Early Childhood Development is proposing to revise the senior high school graduation requirements to include a pilot project that would see the number of periods increase from 4 to 5 a day, the number of credits required for graduation increase from 20 to 25 and the number of instruction hours per course decrease from 110 to 92.5 hours. The Federation is asking parents for input by October 21/09. Email your response to:
For more information please see the Senior High School Graduation Requirements document

Tracadie Cross Consolidated School Bus Driver Receives Home and School Federation Award

On Tuesday, June 23, 2009, the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation presented a School Bus Driver of the Year Award to Leonard Mullen, bus driver for Tracadie Cross Consolidated School.
“Dear Leonard, you keep me safe every day. You are always so funny and put a smile on my face. Oh, what a wonderful bus driver you are. For so many years you have kept me safe, so thank you Leonard.” Sincerely, (Student) at Tracadie Cross Consolidated.
It is difficult to sum up in a short paragraph the wonderful contribution Leonard has made to the education system over his career that has spanned nearly four decades! He has welcomed hundreds of anxious faces to their first day of school. He carefully and conscientiously drives our children to and from school each day. He has earned the respect of his passengers through his dry wit and his concern for each student.

Kinkora Regional High School Bus Driver Receives Home and School Federation Award

On June 18, 2009, the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation presented a School Bus Driver Award to Victor Martin, bus driver for Kinkora Regional High School at the graduation ceremonies.
“Victor was selected as the Western School Board recipient for outstanding service in keeping children safe as they travel to and from school each day – driving capably and professionally, teaching students about safety, managing behaviour, and caring for the well-being of every child, every day of the school year.” says Bill Whelan, President of the PEI Home and School Federation.
“Through Victor’s actions, our children have learned all about respect, professionalism, and kindness. He treats the students on his bus so well, they consider him a friend and have developed a great respect for him and the work he has to do.” says one parent.

Parent Engagement Survey Results

Home and School Federation launches survey results –— The PEI Home and School Federation released highlights of its PARENT  ENGAGEMENT  SURVEY at their Annual Meeting/Convention held on Saturday, April 18 at the Rodd Charlottetown Hotel.

This survey of parents of school-aged children in PEI, carried out by consultant Vicki Bryanton and funded by the Department of Education and Early Childhood Education, explored issues related to parent engagement in their children’s education. A total of 704 surveys were submitted from October to December 2008, representing parents of 1,234 school-aged children. The survey asked questions about communications, parent-teacher interviews, volunteering, special needs, instructional time and homework.

“School Lockdown Response Plan”, Letter to ESD

The PEI Home and School Federation is pleased that the Eastern School District has drafted a policy titled “School Lockdown Response Plan”. In mid November the Federation requested information from the school board around the communications plan to parents and their children regarding school lockdowns. We received a sample letter to parents, including a backgrounder page that includes a section on Parent Involvement. In that section, it reads that “Parents should be aware of what their child is expected to do in a lockdown and how they can communicate with the child and the school.” The Federation agrees, but we have heard from parents who feel that the communication is not timely or sufficient. For example, the backgrounder details the lockdown procedures if a child is in a classroom, but what if he/she is in the library, cafeteria, gym or outdoors?