Request for the establishment of a working group to research a homework policy for P.E.I.’s school system

WHEREAS there is no homework policy in effect to guide teachers, parents and students in PEI school systems, and

WHEREAS the lack of a homework policy creates confusion amongst students when discrepancies of homework assignments occur from grade to grade or between teachers within the same grade level and school, and

School Renovation and Construction Recommended Guidelines

WHEREAS the recent Three Oaks Senior High School renovation project (2016-2019) has been a challenge for many involved and many lessons have been learned, and

WHEREAS a number of students reported adverse effects parents feel were directly related to construction, and

WHEREAS there was an acknowledged removal of asbestos without use of hazardous material protocols in the very early days of the project while students, staff and custodians were present, and

Congratulations to three Extra Mile Award recipients.

PEI Home and School Federation recognizes three Extra Mile Award recipients!

As Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week comes to a close - the PEI Home and School Federation would like to send a special thank you to all school staff in PEI's education sytem.  We're pleased to have awarded Extra Mile Awards to:

Donna MacNeill, Administrative Assistant, Lucy Maud Montgomery Elementary School

Provincial Heritage Fair: PEI Home and School Federation Special Prize Winners

The Provincial Heritage Fair was held Thursday, May 3, 2018 at the Confederation Centre of the Arts and we are happy to announce the winners of the PEI Home and School Federation Special Prizes, awarded to projects that “focus on the total well-being of children, including health, safety and learning.”


Congratulations to two students: