Linda Roach, 2016 Extra Mile Award Winner at Vernon River Consolidated

The PEI Home and School Federation recognized Vernon River Consolidated teacher Linda Roach with its Extra Mile Award this afternoon in a ceremony held at the school.

Ms. Roach was congratulated on her honour by Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture Hon. Doug Currie, by English Language School Board Trustee Ricky Hood, by PEI Teachers Federation President Bethany MacLeod and by Vernon River Consolidated Home and School President Colleen MacPheron. The entire student body enthusiastically greeted the news of her award, and two students read heartfelt notes of support.

The awards ceremony fell just in advance of a students-vs.-teachers basketball game, so Ms. Roach was caught unawares “in uniform” for that game.

Linda Roach

Wellness Presentations in All Families of Schools (Project completed: February/March 2016)

Wellness Presentations get underway February 9th. Professionals will present on topics of interest chosen by Home and School members, province-wide. Topics include: Anxiety, Coping, Healthy Relationships and Triple P. There will be eleven sessions held in all ten families of schools. All presentations will begin at 6:30 p.m. and end at 8:30 p.m. Check the schedule below to find your family of school's presentation topic and presentation date.

Update on Advisory Councils

A brief update on all matters “advisory” from PEI Home and School Federation.

Family of Schools District Advisory Councils

I’m happy to report that our membership has risen to the challenge, and a large majority of schools have identified a representative for the Family of Schools District Advisory Councils in advance of the December 31, 2015 deadline.  

Thank you for rising to the challenge: in a perfect world there would have been more time for a more considered process for identifying the representatives, and I encourage you to work with your membership to fine-tune the process for the next time a representative needs to be selected. This would be a good process to include in your local association’s bylaws or guidelines so that future cohorts of home & school members have a ready reference for the process.

Home and School and the Learning Partners Advisory Council

In the November 5, 2015 announcement of changes to education governance in the province, in addition to the Family of Schools District Advisory Councils, the Premier announced the formation of a Learning Partners Advisory Council, a coaltion to take a broader, longer-term look at education – both before, during, and after public school.

In a letter of November 27, 2015, Premier MacLauchlan and Bill Whelan, who will act as co-chairs, invited PEI Home and School Federation to select a representative to the Council.

English Language School Board adopts new School Change policy

The English Language School Board released a Proposed Board Governance Policy - School Change in June 2015 and offered the public an opportunity to comment until October 2, 2015. PEI Home and School Federation submitted feedback in advance of the deadline, and the board went on to formally adopt the policy at its meeting on October 27, 2015.

The followed sections of the policy were changed between the draft policy and the policy that was adopted, based on feedback provided by PEI Home and School Federation:

Submission to English Language School Board on Draft "School Change" Policy

The English Language School Board released a Proposed Board Governance Policy - School Change in June 2015 and offered the public an opportunity to comment until October 2, 2015. The following was the response of the PEI Home and School Federation:

Fred Osborne, Chair
English Language School Board
PO Box 8600,
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 8V7

Dear Chair Osborne,

I am writing on behalf of the PEI Home and School Federation to provide you with feedback on the draft “Proposed Board Governance Policy - School Change.”  Our member associations have been encouraged to offer you additional feedback, sensitive to local school concerns, and you may receive this, in addition, directly from those associations.

Time to Start Thinking About Resolutions!

Policy resolutions are the Home & School superpower: the way that our network of parents, guardians, teachers, administrators and staff can effect policy and operations in the education system by speaking with a powerful collective voice.

Our Leadership Training Workshops, being held this week and next in locations across the province, include a workshop on writing resolutions, and we include two slide presentations, one on the “ins and outs” of writing and submitting resolutions, and the other a review of the 2014-2015 that was presented to the English Language School Board.