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Islanders encouraged to help shape school board model

Islanders encouraged to help shape school board model

A new online survey will provide Islanders with another way to share their views on the best elected school board model for the Public Schools Branch.

Islanders can submit their views until March 11, 2021 in two ways:

Elected Public School Branch Board of Directors Public Consultations
Department of Education and Lifelong Learning
P.O. Box 2000
Charlottetown, PE C1A 7N8 
Attention: Legislative and Planning Coordinator

NEW School Food Menu: Students asked to give school food another try

Here is what you need to know about the new menus:

  • The School Food Team has worked with Canada's Smartest Kitchen to develop and validate new recipes
  • The menu continues to be a 2 week rotating menu, with two options daily. One option remains a vegetarian option;  will be the opportunity to select “gluten friendly” for each menu item
  • There are 13 NEW menu items; selected based on the feedback we received from families, schools and vendors
  • 7 menu items have been carried over from the fall menu; however, are being somewhat modified based on feedback. This means that if a student tried it in the fall, and did not like it- they should give it another shot as it may have changed!
  • Portion sizes have increased slightly and are more consistent

Elected School Board Model Consultations

Elected School Board Model Consultations

The province is committed to reinstating school boards that have elected representatives, which will encourage further collaboration and communication between school boards, government and community stakeholders.

Consultations are taking place to determine the best elected school board model for the English Language School Board. The current French Language School Board is already elected, and will continue to operate as is.

Role of the Public Schools Branch Board of Directors

The Public Schools Branch (PSB) serves English students from Kindergarten to Grade 12 in 56 schools across Prince Edward Island. The PSB Board of Directors is mandated to:

Always be aware of school buses on the road


School Bus Safety
School bus drivers are doing their utmost to keep students safe. Remember to slow down when you see flashing amber lights and prepare to stop. When red lights are flashing motorists must make a full stop, no fewer than six metres (20 feet) from the bus.  
It is illegal and dangerous to pass a bus when lights are flashing. I challenge each person who reads this article to speak to another two to three people about school bus safety. We need to create a culture of school bus safety; our students lives are at risk.

A Home and School first: Federation conducts virtual meeting.

More than 60 people from across P.E.I. met using Zoom on Sept.14th to conduct the 67thannual meeting of the P.E.I. Home and School Federation. Delegates reported that the meeting was well organized and they will participate online again during the pandemic. The business meeting included the passage of resolutions covering issues including principal/vice principal allotment, school websites hosted on the government’s server and analysis of report cards.

Important Message from Acting Director Norbert Carpenter. Island children and education staff have been back in school for one month....

This message is from Norbert Carpenter, Acting Director, Public Schools Branch


Parents and Guardians,

Island children and education staff have been back in school for one month. At this time, it is important to recognize the tremendous work our education system, parents, students and the Chief Public Health Office have put into ensuring this school year, while different, can be successful. The health and safety of our school community is our top priority and we have put measures in place to support a positive learning experience for all.


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