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Class Size / Composition

Resolution Number: 2012-07
Submitted by: Spring Park Home and School Association

WHEREAS teachers, students and Home and School Associations recognizes the need for help (additional human resources) in a classroom having larger student populations of 30 and more, and

WHEREAS the teacher spends a lot of time on class management and heavier workloads and, may require extra support dealing with the degree of student diversity in a class of this size, and

WHEREAS large class sizes and composition have an impact on the special educational needs of all the students, and

WHEREAS increased funding for additional human resources may be required in these classrooms,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PEIHSF request the department of education and early childhood development and school boards to ensure human resources are provided to classrooms having 30 and more students so that proper instruction time is maximized and all curriculum outcomes are met.

Status: Tabled
Saturday, April 14, 2012

Destination:Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
English Language School Board