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Minister’s Directive on School Libraries

Resolution Number: 2017-06
Submitted by: Glen Stewart Home and School Association

WHEREAS    the Public Schools Branch is undertaking a School Review Process – Better Learning for All, and

WHEREAS    the Public Schools Branch states it is responsible to ensure students have equitable opportunities to learn and that resources be used effectively, and

WHEREAS    research is clear that a culture of learning and student achievement is strengthened when schools have access to teacher-librarians and a school library program, and

WHEREAS    many schools currently have eroded, minimal or no time allocated for teacher-librarians and a school library;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation request the Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture and the Public Schools Branch revisit the Minister’s Directive on School Libraries (2010) to strengthen its support for school libraries and teacher-librarians, with a commitment to meeting the Directive’s staffing allocations based on school enrolment.

Status: Passed with Amendments
Saturday, April 8, 2017

Destination:Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture
English Language School Board

Education, Early Learning and Culture: 
The Education Authority Staffing and Funding Minister's Directive stipulates the full-time teacher allocation for various teaching positions in schools. There are many competing demands in all schools in the province. Over the last ten years, we have seen many changes regarding literacy support to students and with the new literacy librairies in many elementary schools, more books are available to students and many initiatives are held in the classroom to assist students with reading. We recognize the importance of school libraries to support teaching in schools. However, certain schools may have different priorities they need to address to respond to their particular needs. The following is the allocation provided for both education authorities.

For schools with less than 200 students            .25 full-time teacher position
For schools with  200-299 students                    .5 full-time teacher position
For schools with 300-799 students                     1.00 full-time position
For schools with 800 or more students              1.5 full-time position