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PEIHSF Resolution Electronic Form

Resolution Number: 2020-2
Submitted by: Bloomfield Home and School Association

WHEREAS    one of the stated purposes of a PEI School and School Federation resolution is to establish Home and School policy for the whole of Prince Edward Island, and

WHEREAS    resolutions are a vital way for local Home and Schools to affect positive change in school communities across the province, and

WHEREAS    the number of dual income earners continues to increase, leaving parents with less time to devote to volunteering opportunities, whether Home and School related or otherwise, and

WHEREAS    the current method of drafting a resolution is presented in a government friendly, professional way which can be intimidating for members of the public not well versed in the art of drafting a resolution,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the PEI Home and School Federation be requested to develop an e-form using a plug and play approach for local Home and Schools to use in the drafting process which would keep the professional aspect of the resolution while also acknowledging and respecting the precious time of our volunteers use in crafting these fundamentally important resolutions.

DESTINATION:        PEI Home and School Federation


Status: Tabled