Request for the establishment of a working group to research a homework policy for P.E.I.’s school system

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WHEREAS there is no homework policy in effect to guide teachers, parents and students in PEI school systems, and

WHEREAS the lack of a homework policy creates confusion amongst students when discrepancies of homework assignments occur from grade to grade or between teachers within the same grade level and school, and

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the PEI Home and School Federation requests the Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture and the Public Schools Branch establish a working group of stakeholders to research if there is a need for a Homework Policy for the PEI School System.

DESTINATION: Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture, Public Schools Branch



Passed with Amendments
Saturday, April 13, 2019


Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Public Schools Branch
Responses Received


PUBLIC SCHOOLS BRANCH (June 19, 2019):  The Public Schools Branch (PSB) in collaboration with the Minister of Education and Lifelong Learning, ensured that class time was made up with the addition of minutes being added to each school day at Three Oaks Senior High. Therefore, ensuring there was no loss to instructional time. 

Prior to a PSB school undergoing a construction or renovation project, a Construction Planning Committee is appointed to guide and support the specific project and is made up of various partners including school and parent representation. Additionally, public consultation meetings would be offered involving all stakeholders and the school community.

Ceiling tiles have not caused any issue during the Stratford Elementary or L.M. Montgomery Elementary projects. Previously, ceiling tiles were successfully abated at impacted schools, and now all 56 Public Schools Branch schools are free of these type of tiles. This abatement work was completed when students were not in the buildings. The PSB is proud of our partnership with Transportation, Infrastructure and Energy to ensure the products were removed from schools as we know few school districts, Boards, or Branches across Canada have been able to accomplish this. Some don't even have a plan/schedule to do so.

Additionally, there is regular communication to staff, students, parents and other stakeholders during all construction/renovation projects and this will continue to be an important step and focus during any project.

The Public Schools Branch is responsible for managing the schools in its system, providing a safe and caring environment for staff and students to work and learn, and to provide assurances to parents with regards to these responsibilities. When improvements are being made to one of our schools, the PSB works diligently with its partners to ensure the safety of students and staff is the priority.