Request School Websites to be Hosted on PEI Government Server

Resolution Number: 


WHEREAS    families rely on school websites to access information on current and upcoming events, and standard school information, and

WHEREAS    there is no guide for ensuring consistency of look or feel of school websites across the province, and

WHEREAS    parents, caregivers, students, and other stakeholders have a range in experience and familiarity with navigating websites, and

WHEREAS    ensuring ease of access to school information for parents and students enhances and increases the quality of the school experience, and

WHEREAS    the security of the information and images on school websites require safeguards from hacking,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that PEI Home and School Federation request the Public Schools Branch, and the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning to work with the schools across the province to discuss the following:

  1. School websites will be hosted on the PEI Government server, providing a higher level of security, and an established website design template and consistent layout for easy navigation. Schools will maintain flexibility to personalize their school website beyond these essentials.


  1. Schools will have access to IT and Web Development supports to implement an initial updating of their websites, where necessary, and ongoing support at appropriate times in the year to maintain the school website, where necessary.


  1. Schools will have access to training for those staff who are responsible for in-house web site maintenance at appropriate times in the year, providing proper skill development to maintain consistency over time.


DESTINATION:        Public Schools Branch

                                    Department Education and Lifelong Learning




Monday, September 14, 2020