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Student Absenteeism

Resolution Number: 2014-07
Submitted by: Charlottetown Rural Home and School Association

WHEREAS student engagement shapes students’ ability to master academic subjects, and

WHEREAS engagement and motivation are integral to learning, and

WHEREAS students lose out on these opportunities by skipping classes, being late and/or inattentive and regular absenteeism represents a missed learning opportunity, signifies a lack of interest and has negative consequences for other students by creating a disruptive learning environment, and

WHEREAS poor attendance and negative attitude towards school are associated with lower academic performance as well as low levels of emotional well-being, and

WHEREAS teachers and administrators report (anecdotally) that absenteeism is a significant problem in the English Language School Board, and

WHEREAS the English Language School Board does not report data or track indicators regarding attendance or absentee rates;

BE IT RESOLVED that the English Language School Board compile and report information annually on absenteeism by school, and

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that Home and School Associations commit to working with school administration and teachers to improve student attendance at school.

Destination:  Home and School Associations

Status: Passed
Saturday, April 12, 2014

Destination:English Language School Board

English Language School Board:  Schools are concerned about interruptions to and the withdrawal of students from learning time during required instructional hours; the absence of students from various classes during the instructional day; chronic student absenteeism; and student non-attendance. Last year the school district's various leadership teams began to review these challenges and will follow through with plans to address the numerous factors that are affecting required teaching and learning time.


Education and Early Childhood Development:   As this resolution is a school board matter, I will defer the decision on this resolution to the school board.