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Resolution 2021-1: K-12 E-Learning in Prince Edward Island

WHEREAS the COVID 19 pandemic has clarified the need for virtual schooling options for K-12 students in Prince Edward Island, and WHEREAS with the exception of Prince Edward Island, all Canadian provinces offer free distance and online public education to K-12 students i., and WHEREAS the move to online learning during the pandemic has shone…
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Resolution 2021-2: Request for Committee to Review Funding of Replacing Expired or Unsafe Playground Equipment

WHEREAS playground equipment is a valuable tool for developing school age children’s physical strength and co-ordination, social skills such as sharing, teamwork and competition and mentally preparing them for classroom expectations. WHEREAS playground equipment located on school property benefits not only the students of that school but the surrounding community as well. Many school yards…
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Resolution 2021-3: Weekly Upstream Mental Health and Outdoor Curriculum

WHEREAS the first and second pillars (priorities) of the P.E.I. Public Schools Branch Strategic Action Plani. are Student Success and Wellness, and WHEREAS a study on Canadian Children by the Canadian Index for Child and Youth Well-being ii. revealed only 46.9% of children feel positive about school, 26.8% have more school work than they can…
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Request School Websites to be Hosted on PEI Government Server

WHEREAS    families rely on school websites to access information on current and upcoming events, and standard school information, and WHEREAS    there is no guide for ensuring consistency of look or feel of school websites across the province, and WHEREAS    parents, caregivers, students, and other stakeholders have a range in experience and familiarity…
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Comparative Analysis of Report Cards

WHEREAS    there are eight different models used for report cards at schools across Prince Edward Island, and differences exist even within report cards for the same grade levels and grade ranges; and WHEREAS   parents of students who move from one school to another and whose new school uses a different report card model…
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PEIHSF Resolution Electronic Form

WHEREAS    one of the stated purposes of a PEI School and School Federation resolution is to establish Home and School policy for the whole of Prince Edward Island, and WHEREAS    resolutions are a vital way for local Home and Schools to affect positive change in school communities across the province, and WHEREAS   …
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