Computing and Robotics Program and Kit

The PEI Home and School Federation is proud to announce the availability of a brand new Computing and Robotics Program along with a complete Kit that schools can borrow to implement the Program.

This Program is first of its kind in PEI and follows the Project Based Learning approach. Students work in teams building LEGO robots and programming them on a Raspberry Pi micro-computer using MIT’s open-source software, Scratch.

The Computing and Robotics Kit has been designed for students in Grades 1 to 7 and uses interesting and familiar activities to explore areas of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math in fun and engaging ways.


Some of the activities include building with LEGO, creating an animation in Scratch, and controlling a LEGO robot which has sensors and can move.

The Kit is comprised of 14 Raspberry Pi micro-computers and 14 LEGO WeDo Robotics construction sets along with all the necessary cables and software. The Kit can be used to hold sessions of up to 28 students at a time.

The Kit comes with instructions on how to set up and run the sessions, and can be borrowed by any Home and School representative member of the PEI Home and School Federation.

The Computing and Robotics Program can be completed from beginning to end in one single session of 2 hours, or in 2 sessions of 1 hour each, or can be broken down further into smaller segments depending on the time available.

For example, Grade 3 students have completed the Program in 5 sessions of 30 minutes each. This includes the time it takes to put away the items in the Kit at the end of a session and get things set up again at the beginning of the next session.

Before reserving the Kit decide who will be leading the session and if it is going to be held during the school day or after school. And please ensure the necessary number of monitors, keyboards and mice are available at the school. You will need one monitor with a DVI input and one USB keyboard and mouse per station.

Those leading the session do not require prior experience or knowledge in robotics or programming but it is recommended that they are comfortable with technology and using a computer. Please read closely the instruction guide provided.