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The Canadian Home and School Federation (CHSF) held its Semi-Annual Board Meeting 10th - 13th of November in Ottawa.

The Directors attended the National Remembrance Day Ceremony and laid a wreath on behalf of the Parents of Canada. Discussions at the Board Meeting centered on giving Canadian parents a stronger voice for matters pertaining to our children and youth. Items that were discussed include:
· the establishment of a Secretary of State for Children and Youth;
· Bill C-11 which concerns the Copyright Modernization Act;
· drafting a letter petitioning the Ministers of Health (federal & provincial) to restrict the sale of energy drinks to children and youth under the age of majority in their respective provinces;
· finalizing arrangements for the National Teacher/Staff Appreciation Week which will be held 12th-18th of February 2012.

Atlantic Caucus of Home and School/ School Councils Meet in Fredericton, NB.

The 9th Annual Atlantic Caucus of Home and School/School Council Federations meeting took place in Fredericton, NB on the weekend of October 29th, 2011. Representatives from the Home and School Federations in Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and the Federation of School Councils in Newfoundland Labrador participated in the meeting. Various topics of mutual concern were discussed over the two-day meeting, including the following items.

The Atlantic Caucus is pleased with Health Canada’s Proposed Approach to Managing Caffeinated Energy Drinks, and while it believes that this is a step in the right direction, it is not enough. In line with the Canadian Home and School Federation, we continue to call upon the Federal Health Minister and Health Canada to restrict the sale of energy drinks and energy boosting products to persons over the legal age of majority.

Call for Extra Mile Award Nominations to Recognize Teachers/Staff Personnel

The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation is now accepting nominations for the Extra Mile Award. This award recognizes teachers and/or staff personnel who exemplify going the extra mile, over and above the call of duty, in Prince Edward Island’s public education system.
“We have many great educators and staff personnel in our school system who are unsung heros.” says Owen Parkhouse, President. “The evidence of going the extra mile in assisting a student to achieve academically, socially or in other areas of school life is important to the total well-being of the child/youth and is worthy of recognition.”
The PEI Home and School Federation highly regards these people in our education system and knows that all the extras given by an individual should not go unnoticed.

What Is Working In Other Provinces and Countries Regarding PISA Performance

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) results which were released on December 7th, 2010 is a wake-up call for Prince Edward Island. Despite the good showing of Canada overall, PEI placed at the bottom of the list amongst all of the provinces. Everyone has a shared responsibility in the education and performance of our children not least of whom are parents. The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation (PEIHSF) looks forward to meeting with the Education and Early Childhood Development Minister, Doug Currie, in the near future to look at what is working in the other provinces and other countries to forge a strategy to bring PEI to the top of the list.
For more information, please contact us.

Home and School Lost Confidence in Board of Trustees of the ESD

At the November 25, 2010 meeting of the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation, board members discussed, at length, the Eastern School District Board of Trustees’ recent November public meeting and their current decision to cancel meetings over the next month.

It was determined that a statement be forwarded to the Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development requesting that this issue be resolved.

The statement is as follows:
“The PEI Home and School Federation has lost confidence in the Board of Trustees of the Eastern School District. The Board needs to be functional, accountable and more accessible to the public. At present this is not the case and it is vital that this issue be resolved.”

For further information, please contact us.

Minister Acknowledges Work Of Home and School Associations

The following is distributed by Island Information Service at the request of the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development
Education and Early Childhood Development Minister Gerard Greenan rose in the Legislature today to acknowledge the excellent work being done by Home and School associations to improve student learning.

“Parents have more influence on their children’s learning than anyone else. Home and School associations and parent groups deserve to be recognized for the excellent work they are doing to help parents become more involved their children’s learning and in their schools.”said Minister Greenan.

The PEI Home and School Federation has several innovative projects underway such as a new website that contains helpful information for parents on such topics as good homework practices, parent-teacher interview tips, and how to support student learning in intermediate and high school.

SAFE Program launched in PEI

The SAFE (School Action for Emergencies) Program has officially launched in PEI.

Verbal Abuse Prevention Week raises awareness
People need to consider impact of their words…

Most people remember the rhyme: “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names will never hurt me.” However, that’s not true as verbal assaults can cause a great deal of hurt.

Verbal Abuse, is a form of abusive behaviour involving the use of language in a negative way. It can seriously interfere with a person’s positive emotional development and can lead to a significant detriment to their self-esteem, emotional well-being and physical state. It can occur to individuals of any race, culture, age or gender and can increase in intensity over time. It often escalates to physical abuse. When it happens in and around Island schools, it is called bullying, and it impacts negatively on the health and safety of children.


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