Update Regarding January 14/10 Letter To Eastern School Board Concerning Rezoning


The PEI Home and School Federation sent a letter on January 14, 2010 to Bob Clow,
Chairman of the Eastern School District Board of Trustees, requesting that the school board revise its policy on school rezoning to allow parents to be involved in the process
in more meaningful ways.

Specifically the Federation requested that the ad-hoc committee looking at rezoning be
expanded to include the principal and one parent from each of the schools to be
rezoned, and that the deadline to draft a rezoning report be extended by 2 months to
March 31, 2010.

The Federation’s position is that parents, principals and trustees need time to engage in
effective communication before a rezoning report is written. Parents must have an
opportunity to input and have their say on rezoning in a way that will have an impact on
the rezoning report.

On Thursday January 21, the Federation received word from Bob Clow that the trustees
were pleased to receive the letter, they are still considering the requests and are
discussing options. We look forward to an official response from the trustees.