2017 PEI Science Fair Home and School Award Winners

The PEI Science Fair was held April 5, 2017 and we are happy to announce the winners of the PEI Home and School Federation Special Prizes, awarded to projects that “focus on the total well-being of children, including health, safety and learning.”


Christianne Riveroll, a grade 7 student from Grace Christian School presented a project on “Stress & Memory.” Christianne examined the role of stress on grades and found that negative stressors had a negative effect on academic performance, while positive stressors improved academic performance.


Brittany Pollock, a grade 5 student from Stratford Elementary School presented “Does Eating Breakfast Help Students Perform Better in School?” An investigation into whether eating breakfast really does help students perform better in school or if it has no effect on their performance.  Brittany showed clearly that for students in her class, eating breakfast definitely helped students perform better in school.