Change starts at grassroots. 2021 resolutions due at federation office by Jan. 31.

Take time to review previous resolutions in the federation’s policy manual before addressing current gaps in P.E.I.’s education system.

The P.E.I. Home and School Federation bases most of its yearly plans and strategic directions on the resolution process from its annual general meeting. Local home and school associations across the province bring forward resolutions that are debated and supported at the local level to the provincial meeting.  Federation board members are available to speak at your local meetings regarding resolutions and to assist preparing your local resolution. Contact the office for assistance. 

Take time to review previous resolutions in the Federation’s policy manual before addressing current gaps in P.E.I’s education system. Here are policies that continue to impact the daily lives of P.E.I. students:

  • A strong recommendation to the Department of Transportation to place school bus amber light awareness signs, two facing each direction, in all high traffic areas where school buses stop to pick up students across the province as soon as possible; to add more police patrols to deter violations of school bus safety provisions; and to increase efforts to build media and public awareness of school bus safety. (2003-03) 
  • That the Department of Transportation provides all schools with crosswalks, flashing lights, and crossing guards when necessary. (1991-06) (1993-10) (Reaffirmed 1998) (Reaffirmed 2003) 
  • Requests the Departments of Education and Health provide funds to place and to maintain automated external defibrillators in each school across PEI. (2016-05)
  • PEI Home and School Federation adopt School Food Guiding Principles to assist in the establishment of a provincial school food strategy for all students in P.E.I.; and Requests the Public Schools Branch to adopt the PEI Home and School Federation’s School Food Guiding Principles to lead and assist in the establishment of a provincial school food strategy for all students in P.E.I. (2017-02)

Members in Home and School associations are asked to submit 2021 resolutions to the federation office by Jan. 31.


Home and School presidents received the federation’s 2021 awards kit in November. The year begins with the Extra Mile Award, presented to school staff members, due Jan. 22nd followed by the Volunteer of the Year and Life Member, due Mar. 12th.  Board members are available to speak at local meetings regarding provincial awards and to advise you in preparing your nominations. Deserving individuals receive recognition for many reasons.

Linda Roach was awarded the Extra Mile Award for bringing passion as a strong teacher advocate who identifies and meet the needs of each student in Vernon River school discovering their motivating interests and works to provide opportunities for them to shine! Doug Aitken, school custodian, was awarded the Extra Mile Award for taking pride in every task undertaken to keep the school a happy and pleasant environment for all who work and learn in West Royalty Elementary School. Kevin Stewart from Kinkora Regional High School was awarded the Extra Mile Award for being a “creative and effective teacher” who communicates a passion for his subject and brings out the best in each student.


The Volunteer of the Year Award acknowledges and recognizes the valuable contributions and achievements of excellence of individuals within a Home and School Association. Tara Hill Burke and Shelly Keenan received volunteer recognition for demonstrating a passion for education in Souris’s school community accomplishing much as a team for their school including: applying for funds to build an all-inclusive playground, $84K Indigo Love of Reading Foundation grant for the school library, devoted time to anti-bullying campaigns, raising awareness about air quality issues, overcrowding, and children’s need for nutritious food.

Patricia Callaghan, a happy, always smiling, tireless Glen Stewart Home and School volunteer received a Volunteer of the Year Award. She served on the executive, was involved in fundraisers, a “go-to person” for breakfast and healthy snack programs, the “driving force person” behind Teacher/Staff Appreciation, helped with book fairs, and school musical volunteer extraordinaire.  

View past recipients online at: and contact the office for assistance. 

School staff appreciation week 2021 will be celebrated across Canada, Feb. 14-20. Keep your home and school’s plans simple! A little appreciation goes a long way!

To all of those involved in the education of children and youth on P.E.I., Season's Greetings. Enjoy the holidays and much-deserved rest after a vastly different 2020! All the best for 2021!