Extra Mile Award, Brainstorming Session, Educational Resolutions – January 2013 Deadlines

January 2013 deadlines include:
1.   NOMINATE a teacher/staff person for EXTRA MILE AWARD by Jan. 18.
Follow this link to find nomination information:
2.   PARENTS  (i.e. presidents, executive members, other parents in your school) are invited to REGISTER for the upcoming BRAINSTORMING SESSION to be held on
Tues. Jan. 29 at Harmony House Theatre in Hunter River, PEI  by Jan. 28th.
This is our 2nd brainstorming session; first one was held in 2010.  Participants recommended this type of discussion should be held annually.
Facilitators provide opportunity to freely discuss educational topics and link discussion results to formulating resolutions that work to impact positive changes in PEI's education system.
See uploaded files below: A.  Memo  B.  Draft Agenda & Introduction to Brainstorming
3.    SUBMIT RESOLUTIONS on educational issues/topics to the Federation office by Jan. 31.  Find last year's resolutions and help in developing/writing a resolution on our website. 
How to write a resolution:  https://peihsf.ca/making_resolutions
Contact the office for more information at 620-3186 / 1-800-916-0664 / peihsf@edu.pe.ca