House Statement 60th Years for Home and School – Hon. Alan McIsaac


60 Years for PEI Home and School



March 27, 2013

Province House

Madame Speaker,

I am pleased stand today to recognize a special celebration for the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation!

This year, the PEI chapter of the Home and School Federation is celebrating 60 years in our province.

It is amazing to think about the progress made over the past 60 years, and how at the heart of it all, the focus remains the same Parents and teachers working together to provide the best educational experience for our children.

Madame speaker, I think this is a wonderful opportunity to recognize the many past and present devoted leaders and members in Prince Edward Island and the contributions they have made.

We know that it’s the tireless efforts of these passionate, dedicated individuals that have moved issues forward, promoted the highest standards for our children and engaged parents in important dialogue.

Madame speaker, we recognize the vital importance of Home and School and the valuable contributions they make every day to Island classrooms.

Their tireless efforts, at the school level to support our children and their teachers, and to make our schools a better place to learn and grow are appreciated.

We recognize the outstanding leadership Home and School has provided over the years and the meaningful parent engagement work they continue to do to support student achievement.

We are extremely grateful for the efforts they make to ensure parents are aware and involved in their children’s learning.

It is a pleasure to stand today to acknowledge this strong history and to celebrate the progress made in education on Prince Edward Island.

I would like to salute all of our past and present members I look forward to continuing our work together to provide the very best education for all students on Prince Edward Island!

Thank you