How to receive a daily email about your child using StudentsAchieve

StudentsAchieve is an online system available to parents of students in intermediate and high schools. You have or will shortly have received a username and password for the system and you can use it to login and see up to date information about your child's attendance and academic progress.

Did you know that StudentsAchieve can also send you a daily update by email? If your school has turned on this feature, you can turn on this daily "auto-notification" like this:

First, click on the Edit My Info link at the top of the page on the right; here's what this link looks like when I login:

A box will pop up and you'll see three tabs at the top; click on the link for Auto Notification on the right:

Finally, configure your Auto Notification settings: you can choose what information to include in your email:

  • Assignments where the mark is higher than a certain percentage.
  • Assignments where the mark is lower than a certain percentage.
  • Late assignments
  • Not-handed-in (NHI) assignments.
  • Absent assignments.
  • Late for Class.
  • Absent from Class.

Make your selections and click Save to finish.

If you don't see the Auto Notification option, or if you set it up and are not receving emails, contact the office at your child's school to ensure that this feature is turned on and is know to be working. If they tell you that it's not an option available in your school, encourage them to enable it: reports from schools where this is in place are very positive, in part because this daily email notification can be used as a conversation starter with children.