Learning about StudentsAchieve

At our Annual General Meeting on Saturday, April 12, 2014 we were fortunate to have Sean Cain from the English Language School Board present a session on StudentsAchieve, the web-based system that parents can use to find attendance and marks information for their children.

The session was well-attended and many questions were asked and answered.

Parents of intermediate and high school students can access StudentsAchieve through a web browser at https://sas.edu.pe.ca/ and will also find a page of useful resources and frequently asked questions on the English Language School Board website.

One aspect of StudentsAchieve that Sean highlighted is "auto-notify," a feature that is turned on at the discretion of each school: when it's turned on, parents can opt to receive email messages about their child's marks and attendance. Reports from parents and staff at Sean's session from schools where this feature is turned on were very positive; if it's not turned on in your child's school, you're encouraged to ask the principal or vice-principal if it could be turned on, or to raise the issue at a home and school meeting.