Comparative Analysis of Report Cards

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WHEREAS    there are eight different models used for report cards at schools across Prince Edward Island, and differences exist even within report cards for the same grade levels and grade ranges; and

WHEREAS   parents of students who move from one school to another and whose new school uses a different report card model than the school they left face challenges comparing and understanding student learning and achievement; and

WHEREAS    there is province-wide consistency in curriculum that should facilitate consistency in report card models; and

WHEREAS    report cards are an essential tool for engaging parents and care-givers in student learning and in communicating learning goals and achievements,

 THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that further to the PSB report card survey distributed last spring, the PEI Home and School Federation request the Public Schools Branch (and/or Department of Education and Lifelong Learning) engage parents and school communities through the PEI Home and School Federation to have input into the evaluation framework for report card models.


 DESTINATION:       Public Schools Branch
Department of Education and Lifelong Learning




Monday, September 14, 2020