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Resolution 2021-2: Request for Committee to Review Funding of Replacing Expired or Unsafe Playground Equipment

Resolution Number: 2021-2
Submitted by: Submitted by Greenfield Home and School Association Hide Resolution

WHEREAS playground equipment is a valuable tool for developing school age children’s physical strength and co-ordination, social skills such as sharing, teamwork and competition and mentally preparing them for classroom expectations.

WHEREAS playground equipment located on school property benefits not only the students of that school but the surrounding community as well. Many school yards house the only playground structure for their particular communities.

WHEREAS playground equipment, even when properly maintained, due to age, normal wear and tear, changes to CSA standards or vandalism may be deemed by the PSB to be unsafe or unfit for use and be removed or ordered to be removed from site.

WHEREAS PSB operational procedure 202.1, subsections 4.4 and 4.5 state: “4.4 A school, Home and School Association or other school affiliate will be fully responsible for all costs related to site preparation, purchasing and installing playground equipment and protective surfaces, to CSA standards; 4.5 The Public Schools Branch will assume ownership, upon final inspection, of the playground equipment that has met CSA and Public Schools Branch standards and will take responsibility for all ongoing costs related to inspection, maintenance, warranty and insurance related concerns.”

WHEREAS schools and Home and School Associations have very limited means to fund replacing removed playground equipment.

WHEREAS the PSB owns, inspects, maintains, warrants and insures playground equipment purchased by schools and Home and School Associations, as per PSB operational procedure 202.1, the PSB should share with schools and Home and School Associations some of the responsibility for replacing removed playground equipment.

BE IT RESOLVED that the PEI Home and School Federation requests the Public Schools Branch and Department Education and Lifelong Learning to form a committee, with Federation of Municipalities, PEIHSF representation, to review school community supports for the provision of safe school playgrounds across the province.

Destination:Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture