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Teaching Profession Act

Resolution Number: 2016-02
Submitted by: Alberton Elementary Home and School Association

WHEREAS Alberta enacted the “Teaching Profession Act” in 2000, British Columbia enacted the “Teaching Profession Act” in 1996, Ontario enacted the “Teaching Profession Act” in 1990, and

WHEREAS Prince Edward Island lacks similar legislation;

THEREFORE IT BE RESOLVED that the PEI Home and School Federation collaborate with the Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture and the PEI Teachers Federation to explore the possible benefits of enacting a similar “Teaching Profession Act” for Prince Edward Island. 

Status: Tabled
Saturday, April 9, 2016

Destination:Department of Education, Early Learning and Culture
Department of Justice and Public Safety
PEI Teachers Federation

Education, Early Learning and Culture:   The Education Act includes sections that pertain to the teaching profession in the area of Responsibilities of Principals and Responsibilities of Teachers.  As well, the following regulations stipulates requirements regarding: Instructional Personnel Regulations, Teacher Discipline Regulations, as well as the Certification and Standards Regulations which deals with certification of teachers for the province of PEI.