Resolutions passed at annual meeting

The entire premise of the Home and School movement is to – listen, to learn, to share ideas, and advocate for the best interests of all school students in P.EI.’s school system – the focus of the 68th Annual General Meeting. Over 90 delegates and guests attended, virtually, on May 10.

Resolutions rise out of learning what the health and well-being student needs are at the school level. At the annual meeting, a number of resolutions were approved, including: 1. To form a working group, with key partners in education to review public K-12 virtual education in P.E.I. and how to better serve PEI students. 2. To form a committee with municipal and education partners, to review school community supports for the provision of safe school playgrounds across the province. 3. Request Education and Lifelong Learning to implement weekly upstream mental health and outdoor curriculum time into the education stream to coincide with its commitment to student success and well-being.
The election of officers also took place, with the following board positions for 2020-2021 filled by volunteers: treasurer, Dionne Tuplin; secretary, Mary MacDonald-Pickering; and board members for the following families of schools: Bluefield, Melissa Rommens, Souris, Krystal Jamieson, Westisle, Katie MacLennan, Kensington, Bev Campbell, Three Oaks, Tammy Norden. Special thanks to outgoing directors: Donna MacLeod, Haley Zavo, Rosie MacFarlane, Darby McCormick, and Maria McMahon.

The Life Membership Award was presented to Owen Parkhouse. He was federation president, 2010-2012 and continues to be an engaged spokesperson for students and parents, building relationships with decision-makers to garner support for home and school.

Following the annual meeting, the Stephen McQuaid Volunteer of the Year 2020 Award was presented to Gail Edgett. She sits on the Lucy Maud Montgomery Home and School executive and takes a deep interest in school activities. Parents and school staff appreciate her efforts to make the school a positive learning environment for everyone.

It’s hard to believe another school year is coming to a close. I want to personally thank all the local home and school volunteers for the important work they do for children and school communities. It takes a team of parents and educators working together to advocate for our students in a given year of school activities.

June is an excellent time to hold Home and School election of officers to allow a new executive time to prepare for September. Parents are asked to take a turn in filling the executive and board positions. Co-chairing any position helps to share the volunteer role. Your past president is an excellent resource and will guide you through the next school year’s activities. For more information, contact the federation office

Congratulations are extended to all those students graduating from high school. Schools are working on plans for high school graduations and year-end activities within the guidelines outlined by the Chief Public Health Office. While activities will not look the same as in previous years, schools are committed to offering a unique experience to mark the end of the school year and wish their students well.

Research clarifies that children who don’t read during the summer can lose up to three months of reading progress and that loss has a cumulative, long-term effect. Summer reading ideas for students can be found at any P.E.I. library branch. Online resources are at: