Welcome to Kindergarten Sessions – Spring 2016

“Welcome to Kindergarten” is a preschool readiness program designed for parents/guardians and their children.  It provides parents/guardians with tools and resources to engage their children in early learning experiences prior to Kindergarten.

Parents who have enrolled their children for kindergarten, September, 2016 will receive an invitation to attend a workshop at the school where their child is enrolled.  The workshops for each school will be scheduled sometime between mid-April and late June.  After the workshop, parents will receive a bag of resources that will enable them to continue to nurture early literacy and numeracy skills at home.

This is an opportunity for local Home and School Associations to welcome and to become part of the support network for our new parents and kindergarten students entering the public school system.  Presidents of local Home and School Associations are encouraged to contact their principal and see how they can help and what role they can play in welcoming our new kindergarten students during the parent/child workshop at the school.

The PEI Home and School Federation supports the Welcome to Kindergarten initiative by sitting on the provincial committee.

The dates and times for this year’s Welcome to Kindergarten sessions are outlined on the English Language School Board website.  For more information on individual schools in the English Language School Board, see the School Information Sheet (.pdf) or connect to the school’s website through the School Information page.