Workshopping Different Models For Education

"Workshopping Different Models of Education"
Facilitated by Gerry Hopkirk, April 9, 2016

In his article Taking back our schools: moving beyond shame, blame and more of the same, Gerry Hopkirk declared that “activities in our schools are not always based on what we know about how children learn.” At the 63rd Annual PEI Home and School Federation Meeting last week, Gerry Hopkirk led a workshop designed to be an informal discussion of different ways of organizing teaching learning and assessment. As homework, we were asked to read three articles that were designed to challenge us to think differently about schooling. They provided a foundation for thinking about children as unique individuals who have an innate love of learning and schools where curiosity is fostered and imagination is encouraged to run free. He asked us to participate in roundtable discussions that were guided toward a vision for education in PEI that is about hope for children and for the future. A summary of those discussions can be found at:  Workshopping Different Models of Education