2016 School Bus Driver of the Year Awards

The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation presents two annual awards to school bus drivers for their service in keeping students safe as they travel to and from school each day.  This year they were awarded to Bruce MacKay from Gulf Shore Consolidated and Ronnie Drummond from Somerset Elementary.

Glowing letters of support were included in the nomination packages for Bruce and Ronnie.  They are well known, loved and respected members of their school communities.  They take their responsibilities very seriously to ensure the safety of students. 


Tuesday, June 7, 2016  – Bruce MacKay, Gulf Shore Consolidated School

Here are excerpts from letters of support written by students, parents and school staff for Bruce….

He has a HUGE heart, and this shows in how much he cares for the students.  Bruce has a very special way with our special needs students.  He gives them extra special care and attention to make them feel comfortable and safe on their drive to school. Bruce knows every child’s name and takes time to get to know each little person – from the very quiet to the more outgoing students – he knows how to talk to them and how to listen.  Children love it when he listens to their stories! 

Students respect Bruce.  He runs a tight ship, but all students know what is expected of them and he in turn has very few behavior problems, and the bus ride is filled with laughter and good cheer.  “On Welcome to Kindergarten Day, he takes all the new students for a drive, which helps the little kids learn the rules and how not to be scared on the bus.  He also tells a lot of funny jokes, waves at everyone, and always says good morning and goodbye.  He makes us feel very comfortable.”  


Thursday, June 9, 2016 – Ronnie Drummond, Somerset Elementary School

Here are excerpts from letters of support for Ronnie….

“Ronnie is a bus driver who goes above and beyond his daily duty of just getting students to and from school.  He makes sure our time on his bus is comfortable and fun.  The best days were when we would all race to the bus after the last bell and Ronnie would have a cooler of ice cream treats for us.  On the last day of school, as we get off the bus for the last time that year, he always had a hose and would spray us with water – we would leave all wet, laughing and smiling all the way home.  

Ronnie is the best.”He adapts seating plans to accommodate children’s behavior and needs, always with an eye for the best outcome for the child….His eyes are always smiling and we have absolute confidence in sending our kids on his bus. 

“When our kids started school, one of our biggest fears was putting them on that big yellow bus at the end of the driveway.  Little did we know, that drive on the bus would become a highlight of their day.  Ronnie greets them every morning with a big hello, and maybe a little something to make them laugh or a shout out the window telling them to slow down so they don’t fall.  The kids have come to know him like a friend, always excited to head down to the bus in the morning."

“ Not all of us are angels, but Ronnie never yells at us or makes us feel bad. All of us respect Ronnie and follow his rules, just like he respects us. We all feel so relaxed and calm with Ronnie. We never feel in danger with him, even in the most treacherous winter blizzard!  Realistically, we are the luckiest kids to have Ronnie as our bus driver –happy, calm, reassuring, genuine, funny Ronnie. We have never met an adult so genuinely kind hearted towards so many children.”

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