Communication is key for results. Parents encouraged to get to know school staff and get involved early in the school year.


 Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year!

Home and Schools play the most important role in bringing parents, guardians, teachers, students and administrators together to discuss education. The work of the provincial federation is to connect local member associations and, through our annual resolutions process, make our collective voice heard on matters of broad provincial importance.

Parents are encouraged to get to know the school staff and to get involved at their child’s school early in the school year.

In the coming months, the federation will continue to do its work of bringing people together around the common vision of an excellent education system, with the education and wellbeing of each Island child at the centre. Regional directors can help bring school community members together to discuss common concerns, define visions for their schools or develop plans for action.

Plan with local executive committee, principals and staff to create opportunities for engagement within the school, between schools in each family of schools, and between the school and the community. Grant monies are available for special projects through the Parent Leadership program.

Communication is key! Federation news is posted on the PEIHSF website and emailed to presidents. Presidents, in turn, share with school communities through local Facebook, blogs, e-mail and other social networks. Home and School associations are invited to send local news to the federation office for circulation to other schools across the province.

 Volunteer training will be included in the Semi-Annual Meeting on Tuesday, October 8 at Gulf Shore Elementary School, Rustico. Returning and new volunteers will learn and share Home and School best practices. Register by contacting the office at: 902-620-3186 / 1-800-916-0664 / Refreshments will be provided. Presidents are asked to spread the word to members and register volunteers and school staff members.

 Awards of recognition are presented to volunteers, school staff, school bus drivers and school crossing guards throughout the school year. Consider nominating a person who goes above and beyond to help children and youth in the education system. Criteria for the 2019-2020 awards is available at:

 To get us off to a quick start this fall, presidents are asked to ensure your current contact information is submitted to the federation office to update the provincial directory. Treasurers are to submit membership fees to the federation office as soon as possible. Forms were mailed to presidents and are online at 


 Cory Thomas, president of P.E.I. Home and School Federation, lives in Summerside with his wife and two children, who both attend Elm Street Elementary School. His column appears in The Guardian during the school year on the first on the Thursday of the month. He welcomes comments from readers and information from the column. He can be reached at 902-620-3186