Tool Kits Help Support Parent Engagement

A new tool kit is now available to support parents who want to become more involved in their children’s learning and school community, says Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development Alan McIsaac.

“The Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation created a tool kit filled with excellent information for parents,” said Minister McIsaac. “Parents play an important role in our education system. The Parent Engagement Tool Kit serves as a guide to parent-led, school-partnered projects that help better student learning and community involvement.”

The Federation is providing two kits per school – one kit for the Home and School Association and one for the school. Funding for this resource is a part of the Parent Engagement funding from the Prince Edward Island Department of Education and Early Childhood Development.

This unique tool kit is designed to help families navigate their child’s educational learning journey. The Federation is equally optimistic that teachers will find this tool kit useful and informative in promoting best practices within the K-12 education system.

“Unfortunately, life does not come with manuals or toolkits,” said Home and School Federation President Owen Parkhouse. “However, we all need some guidance no matter what the journey. This Home and School Tool Kit will hopefully assist parents and guardians with the most important journey of all – educating our children.”

The tool kit was developed by the Federation in conjunction with an Advisory Committee consisting of Parkhouse; William Whelan, past president of the Home and School Federation; Sue Pettit, Home and School regional director for Region 2; and Shirley Jay, executive director of the Federation.

The Home and School Federation helps promote the total well-being of children and the highest standards of education for each child in the province. It works in partnership with other organizations that foster this goal. It encourages and, whenever possible, assists in the development of policies related particularly to quality education for each child and generally to the total well-being of children in Prince Edward Island.

The Home and School kits will be made accessible in the school library and there is an online version.