Linda Roach, 2016 Extra Mile Award Winner at Vernon River Consolidated

The PEI Home and School Federation recognized Vernon River Consolidated teacher Linda Roach with its Extra Mile Award this afternoon in a ceremony held at the school.

Ms. Roach was congratulated on her honour by Minister of Education, Early Learning and Culture Hon. Doug Currie, by English Language School Board Trustee Ricky Hood, by PEI Teachers Federation President Bethany MacLeod and by Vernon River Consolidated Home and School President Colleen MacPheron. The entire student body enthusiastically greeted the news of her award, and two students read heartfelt notes of support.

The awards ceremony fell just in advance of a students-vs.-teachers basketball game, so Ms. Roach was caught unawares "in uniform" for that game.

Linda Roach

In his presentation to Ms. Roach, Federation President Peter Rukavina summarized her many contributions to the school and community, drawing from the many letters received in support of her nomination for the award:

It would be difficult to give you details of all the activities and endeavors to which she devotes herself in her mission to support and encourage students, colleagues, parents and the wider community at large. I will attempt, however, to give you some idea of the positive contribution she has made to the whole school community!

This teacher is a strong advocate for all her students, celebrating their successes and achievements by….

  • working hard to identify and meet the needs of each student, she quickly develops a positive rapport with each child; discovers their motivating interests and works to provide opportunities for them to shine!
  • creating practical, effective and engaging routines for students to follow in the classroom showing concern for each child
  • communicating effectively with families to ensure students transition to school life runs smoothly
  • showing concern for school lunches; ensures students and parents are aware of healthy lunch choices and models this for students and staff

She has a passion for the total health and well being of each child and others in Vernon River school community which is demonstrated by activities that she organizes including…

  • creating a 12 week Vernon River Consolidated School Health Challenge to improve the health and wellbeing of students and community members
  • set up the Vernon River Running Club, and an early morning Boot camp for students and community members, spurring fellow participants on in their personal physical activity efforts.
  • found sponsors for the school’s Breakfast Program coined the “Healthy Morning Snack” making nutrition the buzz word around Vernon River school.
  • she helps out with school sports such as track and field, cross country and badminton and with after school activity clubs, such as the snowshoe club, volleyball club, and archery club.

As a Volunteer and Life Long Learner ….

  • organizes Fun Runs, Family Dances and Becoming an Outdoors Woman (BOW) workshops, organized by Linda, with the goal of getting all school family members running, dancing, getting outside the doors of the school and home for a total wellness, positive experience.
  • she is creative and energetic and a tremendously kind and caring person, genuinely caring for colleagues, students, and community members alike;
  • for students who are finding the transition into kindergarten hard, she presents “student of the month” recognitions to make them feel special.
  • she models life long learning: as an adult returned to complete her degree in Education and is now working on her Masters and seeks to employ her new found knowledge directly to the classroom, wanting it to have a positive impact on her students.
  • is an exemplary teacher, a supportive colleague, and tireless community advocate, friend and conscientious mother to two sons.

The Vernon River school community is a better place because of Linda Roach and on behalf of the PEI Home and School Federation, I wish to honor Linda today as a recipient of the 2016 Extra Mile Award. 

This is the first of two Extra Mile awards to be handed out this year; the second award, for a staff person in the former Western School Board area, will be presented on Friday, Feb. 19, 2016.