New website provides resource for parents

HOME & SCHOOL & YOU – December 2013

Help My Child website launched Dec. 2, is a PEI-based resource for parents and students that focuses on the total health and well being of children and youth.  Help My Child assists in connecting those in need of help with professionals, as well as, providing useful on-line resources. This project is sponsored by the Telus Community Boards Fund and coordinated by the Prince Edward Island Home and School Federation.

Topics include categories such as bullying, cyber bullying, educational supports, mental health, physical health, substance abuse, violence and abuse.  The site’s “Not sure where to look?’ question feature will be redirected to seek out the right person or resource in P.E.I. for the person making the inquiry. Find Help My Child at:

Preparing 21st century learners requires help from home, school and community. Today's learners are growing up in a world much different from their parents. Our interconnected and digital world is one in which young learners are becoming more comfortable. Reading skill remains as important as ever, but other critical-thinking and problem-solving skills are equally as important.  Take a trip to the local library to learn more about topics your child may wish to discuss.

Playing with children helps them discover and learn. As the holiday season approaches, include more time for play with your child. The Learning Partnership and Welcome to Kindergarten program encourages more play time with children. Playing “I Spy”, talking about characters in a story and where they are playing or going on a scavenger hunt with the family helps to develop a child’s awareness of self and their environment.

Also, read as often as you can.  Help a child think about what is happening in a story by getting into the book.  For example count the number of animals. What is their color/type of fur? Where does the animal live?  Draw a picture of the animal – both parent and child.  Make up stories of your own.  Talk about the stories.  Ask what the story makes them think of.  This helps the child’s thinking, reasoning and remembering skills.

P.E.I.’s parents are involved with their children’s education. The P.E.I. Home and School Federation released its 2013 parent engagement survey results in November. Almost 700 parents and guardians responded.

Key findings include 90 per cent of parents or guardians attended parent-teacher interviews all or almost all of the time.  27 per cent of parents and guardians participated in their local Home and School Association or Parent Council; 90 per cent of parents attended events and activities at the school with almost half of parents attending events or activities all or almost all of the time; 88 per cent of parents have volunteered with fundraising activities for the school; 65 per cent have volunteered to help with school events and activities.  However, Only one-fifth of parents volunteer in the classroom. Find the full report at:

The deadline for the first round for parent leadership grants applications is Dec. 11. You still have time to fill out your project details and submit to the federation office.  Phone the office for assistance and find projects referenced at: The project kit is at:

Children are excited these days and rightly so – it is both a magical season and a time for a bit of a break from school. Christmas can be a fun time for families and the memories will last a lifetime. Family traditions like reading a book together, decorating the tree, baking goodies, singing carols, and family skates, amongst other pleasurable activities will strengthen the bonds within a family. Sharing time together is the greatest gift that you can give.

On behalf of PEIHSF, I wish you and your families a happy and safe Christmas.